ORGONE ZAPPER-RAPID 30kHz Clark Wave with copper electrodes

ORGONE ZAPPER-RAPID 30kHz Clark Wave with copper electrodes


ORGONE ZAPPER-RAPID 30kHz Clark Wave with copper electrodes


The ZAPPER-RAPID is designed to destroy a wide range of parasites, pathogenic bacteria, fungal and mold colonies, and viruses in an active or dormant state. Removal takes place by electrocuting the membranes of microorganisms and parasites with low voltage.
Properly tuned frequency causes the membrane to resonate, and consequently causes its disintegration and neutralization.
This device is based on the activity of bio-resonance, but does not require tuning to the appropriate frequencies of particular pathogens, parasites, etc. The type of special square wave used in the device is a unique solution to eliminate a wide spectrum of pathogens.
ZAPPER should be operated according to the protocol. The protocol for using the device is available after purchasing the device on the manufacturer's website to download in PDF format.

ZAPPER-RAPID is made on original Dr Hulda Clark's diagram. Device is extremely easy to use, the small leflet is included to each order. According to Dr Hulda Clark protocol usage time of ZAPPER is 7 minutes x 3 times, with a break for 25 minutes betwen 7 minutes session. Device has low voltage bettery indicator, just replace the battery when the LED light goes off at the time of use.



Set includes:

- ZAPPER device

- 2x copper copper electrodes, approximate size 22mm (diameter) x 100mm (length)

- wires with Alligator Clips and 3.5mm plug for connecting copper electrodes with ZAPPER device

- 9 volt battery not included (PP3 type)

- ORGONE unit built-in device


The ZAPPER-RAPID device has built-in ORGONE energy accumulator. The ORGONE energy was discovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian medical doctor and psychoanalyst. He thought that the energy that surrounds us can be accumulated and transferred to living organisms,
he called this energy ORGONE and used it to energize the body's biological field. The ORGONE energy accumulator is built-in this device, it aims to add energy to the body's biological field, helping to redirect the positive life force and regeneration of the body on the planes of the bodies; physical, energetic, astral.


- blue LED light with low battery warning indicator

- switch ON/OFF on front of device

- 3.5mm socket on front/side device for connecting wire with copper electrodes

- 100% positive offset

- frequency output 30kHz (+-1%)
- square wave with 50% duty cycle (+-2%)

- input voltage 9 volt (PP3 type of battery operated only)

- output voltage 3-4.5 volt DC

- on circut board NE555P CMOS chip

- current output 5-10mA

- temperature operation range: 10C to 40C (in Celsius degree units)

- operating range in air humidity: 20% to 65%



When LED light get dim or goes out please replace 9 volt battery





Some tips how to use ZAPPER from Dr Hulda Clark protocol:

- When led light get dim or goes out please replace 9 volt battery

- Use time is 7min on -20min off - 7min on - 20min off - 7min on = full session (61 min)

- Never short the copper electrodes together, it causes a rapid exhaustion of of battery.


Each device is checked on oscilloscope and multimeter before shipping.


Please read disclaimer on the website before plaicing an order. This device it is not a medical device, is only for individual research.