Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal Silver Generator

Set include:

-Device Colloidal Silver Generator (CSG).

input voltage DC 9v , output voltage on terminals DC 27v to 28v low amperage.
-DC 9v 2mA adapter
-2x 99.999% pure silver rods electrodes ) size of one rod is approximately:
length 75mm, diameter 1.5mm. )
-TDS part per million (ppm) meter with temperature meter pocket size.

-Glass is not included

Device make about 10 - 14ppm of colloidal silver solution with particle size 0.01 - 0.001 microns in diameter. The process to make silver solution take proximeety about 20-30 minutes within 250 ml  of water, results depending of water quality. Please use TDS ppm meter to test silver solution.

To make good quality of colloidal silver please use pure distilled water or deionized water only.

Health and Safety:

Never touch the connected silver electrodes to the terminal while the unit is connected to the mains. Never touch the terminals, and do not insert or pull out the electrodes when device is connected to the mains. never open device, if the device is damaged please do not use. When using Colloidal Silver Generator please always keep terminals connectors 1cm over water level. Never immerse the device in water, only silver electrodes should be immersed in water when connected to terminals in the device.

Please note:

Blackening of silver electrodes is a natural phenomenon, in order to remove dark coating, wipe the electrodes with a cotton swab soaked with vinegar and then rinse with water.

Please keep this device far away from heat, moisture and reach of children. Disconnect DC adapter from the mains if it not used.


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