SKU: MC528

Miracle-Tune 528 Hz with ORGONE ether energy accumulator



The Miracel-Tune device generating frequency of 528Hz form of ultra-low EMF wave. This device may promotes deep relaxation and strong body regeneration.


528Hz is called Solfeggio Frequency and in research shows the following action:

- Increases positive energy.
- It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem

- It brings transformation and miracles into your life.


528Hz frequency helps calms animals, plants arouses growth, calms the space and radiating love energy.


Allow yourself to balance the energy of the surroundings...


About the ORGONE:

The ORGONE ether energy was discovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian medical doctor and psychoanalyst. He thought that the energy that surrounds us can be accumulated and transferred to living organisms, he called this energy the ORGONE, and used it to energize the body's biological field. The ORGONE energy accumulator is built-in this device, it aims to add energy to the body's biological field, helping to redirect the positive life force and regeneration of the body on the planes of the bodies; physical, energetic, astral.


Device specification:

- pre-set circut board with NE555P CMOS chip

- antenna coil with white quartz crystal emitting the frequency of 528Hz

- green diode emitting the frequency of 528Hz

- device specification

- DC 9 volt battery operated only (PP3 type)


Time of use device 30 minutes once a day. Please replace the battery when the LED goes out. This devices are for individual research only, for non medical usage.