ORGONE ZAPPER-REN 7.83Hz Shumann Wave with copper electrodes

ORGONE ZAPPER-REN 7.83Hz Shumann Wave with copper electrodes



Schumann Wave

with copper electrodes




ZAPPER-REN 7.83Hz Shumann Wave is type of Bio-resonance device, no medical, with non-invasive service sending natural Earth resonance frequency to. The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum and this was discovered by Otto Wilhelm Schumann. The electrodes connected to a ZAPPER-REN 7.83Hz machine sending the energy wavelengths, and then counteracts bad frequencies by restoring the optimum balance. The 7.83Hz frequency is a natural frequency occurring in nature.


The ZAPPER-REN 7.83Hz Shumann Wave may help with:

Parasite invasion, restoring energy, digestive, detoxifing...ect.


The device contains the Orgone accumulator, Orgone Energy was the name given by Wilhelm Reich to life energy permeating everything. In some mystic traditions, orgone is also called "Ch'i", "Prana", "Ether", 'Élan vital" or "fifth element". Information about Orgone and Bioresonance is widespread on the internet.

The ZAPPER device has built-in ORGONE energy accumulator. The ORGONE energy was discovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian medical doctor and psychoanalyst. He thought thatthe energy that surrounds us can be accumulated and transferred to living organisms,he called this energy ORGONE and used it to energize the body's biological field. The ORGONE energy accumulator is built-in this device, it aims to add energy to the body's biological field, helping to redirect the positive life force and regeneration of the body on the planes of the bodies; physical, energetic, astral.



Set includes:


- Orgone ZAPPER-REN 7.83Hz Shumann Wave device

- 2x copper electrodes, approximate size 22mm (diameter) x 100mm (length)

- wires with Alligator Clips and 3.5mm plug, to connecting copper electrodes with device

- 9 volt battery PP3

- ORGONE unit built-in device

- user manual





- green LED light with low battery warning indicator

- switch ON/OFF on front of device

- 3.5mm socket on front/side device for connecting wire with copper electrodes

- 100% positive offset

- frequency output 7.83Hz (+-1%)
- square wave with 50% duty cycle (+-2%)

- input voltage 9 volt DC (PP3 type of battery operated only)

- output voltage 3-4.5 volt DC

- on circut board built-in NE555P CMOS chip

- output current 5mA-10mA (0.005A – 0.010A)

- power consumption approximately 0.19W


When LED light get dim or goes out please replace 9 volt battery.



Using device with times as show below:

for 7min. switch On – for 20min. switch Off – for 7min. switch On – for 20min. switch Off – then last for 7min switch On. That's give One Full using session for in total 61 min.