Shumann Wave Generator 7.83Hz

Shumann Wave Generator 7.83Hz

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extremely low frequency pulse generator


Comprehensively optimize circuits and upgrade materials. For creative space-to increase creative inspiration, used in the bedroom to help sleep and soothe, treat insomnia. For the office-relax and improve productivity, for audiovisual space-improve sound field and audiovisual effect.


Used for tea ceremony, spiritual practice, meditation space-calming the mind and body. Schumann does not emit any sound or connect other devices, it can be used only when plugged in. It does not directly affect audio or video products to improve sound quality and image quality, but instead acts on the space environment to provide a specific quality and sound frequency. Schumann Wave Generator 7.83Hz can offset the frequency of the negative interference of electromagnetic waves and radio waves, so that the sound space reverberation is stable and harmonious, so that listeners can enjoy music more physically and mentally and relax the body, improve the perception of sound and images.

The health of the human body improves the efficiency of work creation and has a good effect on insomnia and mental stress.


Product Usage Tips: It is recommended to place the product at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground, which is more conducive to the coverage of Schuman Wave. The area of each product should be no more than 18 square meters.



About Schumann Wave:

In 1952, Schumann pointed out that the earth and the ionosphere can form a resonance control body. There is a special resonance rate in the body. This frequency is mainly determined by the size of the earth and excited by lightning discharges around the world. This vibration frequency is called Schumann Resonance. Schumann's vibration is in the ELF band, with a rate of about Hz (this value is said a lot, 7.83 / 7.57.2, etc.) It ’s also close to 7.8Hz, so some people call the vibration of the earth ’s brain waves. ”


Schumann Wave principle:

It is a kind of beneficial pulsating law wave that appears in the ionized house in the atmosphere. The frequency of salamander is 7.83 steaming, which is exactly the same as the frequency of hippocampus in the brain of dairy animals. This part of the human brain is responsible for important memory and survival functions. Our nervous system also responds to electromagnetic pulses from Schumann waves. The above illustrates that a battery is an electrical or energy system. Therefore, our health and survival have flat natural energy and our interaction with it. NASA, in order to maintain the physical and mental health of astronauts, installed a massive wave generator in the manned space capsule.


What it means to humans:

A relaxation wave is a low-frequency wave that can penetrate any substance, including people on the ground. And each of us is equivalent to an electrical network. If it is often excited by Liu Shuman waves, it may cause resonance; the strength of the resonance is related to the internal structure of the electrical network (human body). Some human body electrical networks have better structures and can easily receive relaxation waves. Others can only receive weak relaxation waves, which is similar to the radio frequency modulation. Because Schumann is an inexhaustible source of energy, anyone who is prone to talk to Schumann is always charged, naturally full and healthy.

According to the scientific theory and experiments of Acoustic Revive, Schumann waves (7.83HZ frequency) can reduce the interference of radio and electromagnetic waves, thereby improving the details of music, expanding the width of the sound field, increasing the background tranquility, and reducing the impact of standing waves; at the same time, it has also positively improved the video. (Brightness and contrast), and people are also affected by Schumann waves, which can effectively relax the body and mind and listen to the details of the sound.


Classified applications:


I. HIFI application direction

Brief description of HFI application principle: driving away clutter + purifying listening ring to improve human perception = system grip

1. When the HFI speaker system is used in a listening environment within 18 square meters, place Schumann wave flat in the middle of the two speakers, slightly behind, it is recommended to place the height of 1.2-1.5 meters when conditions permit, and perform shock absorption and anti-vibration treatment on Schumann wave Can increase the effect. When the listening environment is larger than 18 square meters, it is recommended to buy two. Schumann waves can be placed on or next to the box separately.

The requirements are the same as above.

2. HIFI amp system application

Because only the earphones are used for listening, in principle, there is only "improving human perception". Although the effect has been reduced, it still exists.


AV movie direction application

The required number and placement of Schumann waves are consistent with HI applications. For those using more than 40 square meters, it is recommended to use four Schumann waves.

3. Aid direction: There are individual differences. Some people have poor sleep quality in the middle of the night when they are first applied, and can achieve deep sleep after several days of adaptation. This function is very effective in long-term use.

4. Creative direction: It is often used in calligraphy, painting, and designers, and can calm down: (It is recommended that the office be always open).

V. Other directions: Researchers in meditation, martial arts, Zhouyi culture research, biology, medicine and other fields.

The Schumann wave generator is an auxiliary device that acts on the human body with a weak frequency of auxiliary emission intensity. The Schumann wave will fail when there are several situations: the surrounding ring is too noisy, the power is severely reactive, and each wave type is much larger than the amount of the Swell wave. Device intensity The human body is in a state of excitement and excitement.



About quality:

This shop guarantees that all module chips are genuine, and the modules are issued only after successful debugging.

It is guaranteed to be used immediately after the households get it.



Product specification:

Input: DC 5 volt, 0.5A

Output: 5 volt, 7.83hz

Product size: 120x120x30mm

Product accessories: USB power cable and user leflet.

Temperature operation range: 10C to 40C (in Celsius degree units)

Operating range in air humidity: 20% to 65%


Made in China


It's recommended to power this device by USB cable directly plugged to 5 volt power-bank only.