ZAPPER 30kHz H. Clark signal generator

ZAPPER 30kHz H. Clark signal generator


NEW MK2 live pathogen eliminator

ZAPPER 30kHz H. Clark signal generator



Set includes:

- ZAPPER device
- 2x copper copper electrodes, approximate 22mm (diameter) x 100mm (length)
- wires for connecting copper electrodes with ZAPPER device
- 9 volt battery included



- blue LED light with low battery warning indicator
- switch ON/OFF on front of device
- 3.5mm socket on front/side device for connecting wire with copper electrodes
- 100% positive offset
- frequency output 30kHz (+-1%)- square wave with 50% duty cycle (+-2%)
- input voltage 9V DC (battery operated only)
- output voltage 3-4.5V DC
- on circut board NE555P CMOS chip
- current 5-10mA


Each device is checked on oscilloscope and multimeter before shipping.


Please read disclaimer on the website before plaicing an order. This device it is not a medical device, is only for individual research.